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September 2022 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • New Opportunities on the Prairies
  • We pay exam costs on Vancouver Island
  • Practice Opportunities across Canada
  • Labour Day in Canada
  • Super Visa for Parents
  • MCCQE1 Dates in 2023

New Opportunities on the Prairies

City skyline

Saskatoon - Canada's fastest growing city!

Surrounded by shimmering wheat fields in southern Saskatchewan lies Canada’s fastest growing city: Saskatoon. Known as the “Paris of the Prairies” for its eight bridges that span the South Saskatchewan River, this small city is vibrant with natural, cultural, and culinary delights. – from “10 Best Cities in Canada.”

There are 10 provinces in Canada. Two of these are in the middle of the country and are called Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Canadians affectionately call the provinces the Prairies. They have a history of farming grains, particularly wheat. Over the last few decades, the larger cities have developed into exciting, progressive places to live.

The natural beauty is hard to surpass. Most refer to the prairies as the Land of the Living Skies for their everchanging beauty.


Land of the Living Skies

Although cold in the winter, the sun is usually shining. The cities of the prairies have more sun than any other city in Canada. As physicians often tell me, they work in a warm clinic, go home in a warm car, and live in a warm home so the cold really isn’t an issue.

One major benefit is the lower cost of living. You can purchase a home for half the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto or Vancouver.

Many of the physicians we have recruited for the prairie cities report saving $100,000 CDN or more in less than a year!

Financial incentives – We represent two amazing medical clinics/surgeries who are offering $35,000 CDN or £23,000 each for three family doctors. We will pay your MCCQE1 exam expenses in advance of your arrival with plenty left over for reimbursement of plane costs and accommodation on arrival.

Your earning potential is very high!

We have details and videos of these clinics to share with you. Just contact [email protected]

This is a great article by a recent arrival in Saskatchewan. Please take a look at Tourism Saskatoon.  

We Pay Exam Costs on Vancouver Island

by John Livingstone

Killer whale (Orca) off Vancouver Island

Whale in Canada

We are proud to represent two terrific clinics/surgeries on Vancouver Island and we have two scholarships worth £1,300 which will cover your exam costs and revising materials from the Medical Council of Canada.

Vancouver Island is larger than Wales and slightly smaller than Scotland in size. With a population of almost one million residents there is everything you could want. In many ways it is very charming with hints of Britain and Ireland everywhere. The capital city of British Columbia is Victoria and is located on Vancouver Island. Wonderful restaurants, concerts, fairs and festivals – something for everyone!

Easy access to nature is a major feature. It is one of the reasons I live on the Island. I literally saw the killer whale above breach just off Victoria on August 30, 2022. Over the Labour Day weekend we will be traveling to the west coast of Vancouver Island to the remote towns of Ucluelet and Tofino to immerse ourselves in wilderness activities.

We have placed GP’s from the UK in both cities where these clinics/surgeries are located. These GPs are thrilled with their new lifestyle, better work-life balance, and income.

Contact [email protected] for more information on these opportunities.

Practice Opportunities Across Canada


Besides the opportunities above in Saskatoon and on Vancouver Island, we have wonderful practice opportunities across Canada. A few of these are in:

Langley, British Columbia
Surrey, British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
Cochrane, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Toronto, Ontario
Oshawa, Ontario

Email [email protected] to learn more about opportunities in these cities.

Labour Day in Canada

by John Livingstone, Senior Physician Recruiter

Immigrant family

Picnics are popular with Canadians on Labour Day

Labour Day in Canada is a major event for most people. Its roots are like those of other countries – a celebrations of workers’ achievement. However, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Like most Canadians, I was thrilled that Labour Day this year was on Monday, the 5th of September because it meant the work month would not really start until September 6th. When a national holiday is on a Monday it is common for people to also take off the prior Friday, or even the prior Thursday when in Canada. After all, this is the last long weekend of summer.

Although the weather is beautiful, there is still a somber realization that summer is coming to an end and our long days filled with summer sunshine will evolve into fall and winter soon. The air is slowly becoming crisp and cool, the days ending just a little bit earlier each day.

And so, we will leave Victoria and travel by car for six hours to the beaches of west coast of Vancouver Island. This area is known for its rugged, natural environment. It is common to see black bears as you walk along some forest paths, coastal paths or beaches. To be among the towering fir and cedar trees, and smell the clean cool air of the forest or sea. To experience creative chefs and eat delicious locally caught seafood like salmon, halibut, cod, shrimp and mussels, and local fresh vegetables grown on the island. In any event, it will feel good to enjoy some long walks in nature and get out of my office chair for a few days. My hope is that one day everyone reading this will also experience the beautiful west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island.

Super Visa for Parents
Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can visit families for a period of up to five consecutive years with a Super Visa. In fact, parents and grandparents can enter multiple times for up to ten years. A spouse or common law partner can be included on the visa. Our immigration lawyers that we introduce you to can provide complete details.

MCCQE1 Dates in 2023
The dates of the exams have been announced:

January 25 to February 22
April 12 to May 24
August 23 to September 20
October 18 to November 8

To help plan your arrival in Canada, please remember the exam results are released eight weeks after the last day of the exam session.

Contact [email protected] for more details on writing the exam.

Royal College of General Practitioners

MRCGP and Family Practice Exams in Canada

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is the recognized licensing authority for family physicians in Canada. Those physicians coming from the UK, Ireland, Australia, or the USA will usually not have to write the examination required to practice as a General Practitioner in Canada. Verification of your MRCGP, MICGP, FRACGP, FACRRM, or DABFM will be required. For more information on this certification visit CFPC.ca and check out the Education and Professional Development section. Members in good standing will use the CCFP certification.

We like questions!

It’s likely that you will have questions along your journey to practicing in Canada. Don’t hesitate to contact John Livingstone at: [email protected]

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