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December 2022 Newsletter

In This Issue:

  • Featured Opportunity
  • Christmas in Canada
  • New Canadian Baby
  • A Doctor’s First Three Months
  • Kindness in Canada
  • Why Canada’s Education System is Best
  • Practice Opportunities Across Canada

Featured Opportunity

Canadian Landscape

Edmonton is a vibrant city of one million residents with extensive parklands.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – General Practitioner – We have an opening with gross billings of more than $500,000 (£300,000) per year for a fully licensed GP. We can help you become fully licensed if you have your MRCGP, MICGP, FRACGP, or DABFM. This is a very busy clinic with 26 exam rooms and 13 physician offices. Lots of opportunity for collaboration. You and your family will enjoy low housing prices ($400,000 average compared to $1.2 million average in Toronto) and some of the most beautiful recreational opportunities for hiking and skiing in the nearby Rocky Mountains of Canada. Ask to see a video of the clinic. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Christmas in Canada

Victoria Harbour

Brightly coloured lights are everywhere! Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province. Year-round you will see the harbour filled with sailboats and the owners decorate them for the season.

Canada is a very multi-cultural country with many religions, but it is safe to say that everyone enjoys the colours and sounds of Christmas. Many people take December 24 off, then Christmas Day and Boxing Day are formal holidays when people spend time with their families. Yes, we have Santa, Rudolph, and strings of lights everywhere for people to enjoy – and plenty of food.

Canada is a very fortunate country with its better than average incomes and a good work-life balance so residents can take the time to really enjoy the season!

New Canadian Baby

Canadian Baby

Canada has a very special new citizen. One of the doctors we recruited to Canada, and his wife, are the proud parents of a baby daughter. The doctor and his wife planned their arrival in Canada so their daughter would be born a Canadian. The three of them have been venturing out to enjoy all that nature has to offer!

A Doctor's First Three Months in Canada

Practicing Doctor

A doctor’s first three months in Canada will be filled with details. There will not only be taking care of registering for various government programs such as your new social insurance number, but also learning how to practice medicine in Canada. While treating patients is similar, we do have a slightly different way of a charting patient’s health. You will also learn a new billing system as all doctors are paid by the government, usually based on the number of patients seen and the treatment provided. We do not have the British system of sessions. We have a system more like that found in Australia. On a personal level, you will feel overwhelmed some days. You need to find a home, arrange banking, apply for health insurance for you and your family (at no cost to you), enroll children in schools, but rest assured you will manage everything. For the first three months, you may question the wisdom of moving to Canada. You may be homesick for family and friends. You may miss colleagues and even patients. Rest assured, you will soon assimilate into Canadian society and be on your way to enjoying a better work-life balance, a greater income, and lots of respect from your patients.

Canadians enjoy a reputation for being nice and a big part of being nice is kindness. Starting in elementary school, children are encouraged to “Care” about others. It is common to see a motto at the entrance to a school that states, “We Care.” Most schools will have a “buddy” system where a student in a higher grade is assigned to watch over a younger student. The older student takes pride in helping a new student to learn their way around the school, meet others and will often join the younger student at lunch for the first week or so. Messages like the one in the photo above are often featured outside of schools. As students age and go out into society, a solid basis of kindness has been instilled. This leads adults to randomly reach out to others. Don’t be surprised is a stranger offers to help if you have need.

Why Canada's Education System is Best

Studying in Canada

The warm and welcoming nature of Canadian government regulations, flexible laws, availability of numerous educational courses, tuition fees, and living expenses are all in favor of international students. Studying in Canada for international students is the best pathway to getting a high-paying job in a reputed organization, making a promising career, and living the dream life.

To begin with, the standard of education offered in Canada is higher than in most countries. Canadian universities offer degree and diploma education for a range of professional and technical courses in discipline. The country is globally known for its research infrastructure and facilities. With its extensive research facilities, Canadian universities outrank some of the major universities in the world. All these have been crucial reasons why Canada has risen to be a preferred study-abroad destination among international students.

Canada is considered the world’s largest education center. Canadian education system offers public and private schools, including community colleges, language schools, technical institutes, summer camps, universities, and colleges. The country gives equal opportunities to all students to access training and education, irrespective of all other factors.

Education in Canada facts:

Canada spends over 5% of its GDP on education.

A vast majority of academic institutes are funded and managed by the Canadian government.

Classes are a mixture of tutorials, lectures, laboratory sessions, and more.

Research, analysis, presentations, engagement and participation, laboratory tests, and assignments are some of the core components of Canadian education.

Practice Opportunities Across Canada


SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN – A difficult to pronounce name for this wonderful family-oriented community. For these GP positions we pay you £1300 for MCCQE1 exam costs. **Potential total recruitment incentive of £20,000** This clinic is recruiting three GP’s for this city which is Canada’s fastest growing residential area. Located 15 minutes from Saskatoon, the population has more than doubled to 11,000 residents since 2006. A high-income area with beautiful homes for a fraction of the cost of a home in Toronto or Vancouver. Terrific community for raising children. More sunshine annually than any other city in Canada. Award winning golf course with lakes. Ask us to see our medical clinic video!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Psychiatrist – In Canada, our clinics are what would be called surgeries in the UK. Most clinics are privately owned. However, psychiatrists, like most doctors, are paid by the government health system on a fee for service basis. You have considerable flexibility in how you practice as a psychiatrist and the gross earnings can be very substantial. Secure parking included. Former UK physicians rave about the lack of administrative work when seeing patients. The government does not set rules about how you practice. Ask to see a video of this clinic!

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – Work as a GP Monday to Friday in this large 61 exam room medical clinic, and you set your own hours. Clinic owners are family physicians their model is about supporting physicians supporting their patients. The clinic owners project your annual earnings to be $350,000 to $450,000 CDN working 4.5 days each week. Onsite specialists, Lab, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapist. Major hospital is across the street. This medical clinic has been in operation for over 50 years and has an excellent reputation in the community, and Winnipeg has lower housing costs than other major cities in Canada.

BONUS: This clinic will reimburse up to $12,000 for relocation costs.

Ask us to see a video of this medical clinic!

BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO – Fabulous opportunity for a GP in search of a small quiet town of 40,000 people, with bonuses. Bowmanville is just 40 miles east from Toronto) and enjoys a bustling harbour, good schools (eight elementary schools and two high schools) and nearby universities, and housing prices lower than Toronto. Clinic owner estimates your earnings to be $350,000 CDN or more.

BONUS #1: Clinic owner will guarantee $1,000 take home pay per business day you practice, for 90 days, to ensure you are off to a smooth transition in Canada.

BONUS #2: Clinic owner will pay up to $2,000 for reimbursement of exam fees.

Ask us to see a video of this medical clinic!

We have many more amazing opportunities in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Calgary, Waterloo and the Greater Toronto area. We are asked every day by clinics across Canada to recruit GP’s! Will you be joining us next?

Trouble Completing Your PhysiciansApply.ca Account?

As recruiters, we discovered that many physicians have difficulty supplying their information this online service. A simple error, like not scanning all four corners of a document can cause rejection. Which documents do you have notarized? How do you submit your documents?

We have created an explanatory video that is yours FREE, just by asking. Contact [email protected] to receive your link!

If you are serious about practicing medicine in Canada the first thing you should do is open an account with PhysiciansApply.ca. It is an online portal operated under the auspices of the Medical Council of Canada (similar to the GMC in the UK). Every doctor coming to Canada must have an account. This is where your credentials must be verified. These credentials include your passport, medical degrees and more. Every province and territory of Canada has a regulatory authority to handle physician licensing and these authorities (Colleges) will need to access your PhysiciansApply.ca account before you can be licensed in Canada.

Don’t wait! Some documents can be verified quickly, and others may take some time, especially if you attended medical school in a country that is slow to respond to inquiries from Canada.

If you are an IMG, licensing in Canada as a physician simply does not happen without a PhysiciansApply.ca account.

Royal College of General Practitioners

MRCGP and Family Practice Exams in Canada

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is the recognized licensing authority for family physicians in Canada. Those physicians coming from the UK, Ireland, Australia, or the USA will usually not have to write the examination required to practice as a General Practitioner in Canada. Verification of your MRCGP, MICGP, FRACGP, FACRRM, or DABFM will be required. For more information on this certification visit CFPC.ca and check out the Education and Professional Development section. Members in good standing will use the CCFP certification.

We like questions!

It’s likely that you will have questions along your journey to practicing in Canada. Don’t hesitate to contact John Livingstone at: [email protected]

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