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CANADA - A country of adventurous immigrants! General practitioners who have immigrated to Canada have found a healthy, balanced lifestyle with abundant outdoor activities, fresh air, clean water, great schools, polite people, and safe communities for raising a family.

Somewhere between the shores of British Columbia and Newfoundland, you will discover the perfect community to practice medicine as a general practitioner while enjoying an ideal lifestyle of wellness for you and your family.

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USE YOUR TIME WISELY - There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada. Each has numerous websites listing more than 5,000 opportunities for general practitioners. As an international doctor, or IMG, it is far too many for you to sort through.

As professional physician recruiters, we make it easy for you. We listen to you. Every GP wants something unique. We discuss practice options with you. We know Canada. We have contacts with the best clinics recruiting physicians in Canada. If you are considering a doctor’s job in Canada look no further.

Doctors pay no fee for our recruiting services. Our fees are paid by employers. We pay your immigration legal fees.

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WE GUIDE YOU TO DISCOVERING THE PERFECT PLACE TO PRACTICE FAMILY MEDICINE, the perfect place to advance your career and the perfect place to find balance and happiness with your family.

Canada is 10 million square kilometres in size. General Practitioners work in all areas: remote northern locations, small fishing villages on the east and west coasts, rural farming communities, mining towns, beautiful tourist destinations, and cosmopolitan cities offering international cuisine. As an immigrating general practitioner, or IMG, the choice of location is yours.

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WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU - Once you choose the ideal position, we have a legal team that will guide you through the immigration process. We also have licensing experts! No need to spend your time understanding the many details or completing applications. We strongly believe in one-on-one personal service for our physician-candidates.

We invite you to submit the simple, no-obligation, preliminary application below. Once we receive your application, we will be in touch within one business day, often immediately! Even though we are in Canada, we work during your business hours. For positions as a GP please apply only if you have the designations MRCGP, MICGP, FRACGP, FACRRM or DABFM (or an affiliate in the USA).

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