The Company specializes in recruiting doctors to practice in Canada. We work with private employers, societies, and all types of government agencies. The company was founded by John Livingstone, a recruiter with experience going back more than twenty years. John and his team are ready to make immigrating to Canada to practice medicine a reality.

We know it is very difficult for international doctors to sort through more than 5,000 vacancies for physicians found on more than forty websites across Canada. We select great positions for our doctor-applicants and discuss those positions that best meet an individual’s practice and lifestyle preferences. We simplify the process for you!

In terms of forms and processes, it can be overwhelming to immigrate and practice medicine in Canada. We have a team of lawyers who are familiar with these processes and will complete most forms for both immigration and medical licensing requirements, thereby eliminating this tedious part of immigrating. We simplify the process! is based in the City of Sidney, a beautiful suburb of the City of Victoria which is the capital of British Columbia. Victoria is known for its iconic Empress Hotel on the picturesque inner harbour, fresh seafood, and organic fruits and vegetables, natural beauty on the Pacific Coast, and its idyllic lifestyle. Let us find you the perfect place in Canada for you to practice medicine!

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