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September 2021 Newsletter

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New Opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Greater Toronto Area Map

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in the province of Ontario, is one of the most populous, diverse, and multicultural places in the world. Located on the Northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, it includes the city of Toronto and 25 cities including the well-known Mississauga, Oshawa, Etibicoke, and Oakville. The GTA’s endless events and attractions, parks and heritage sites, markets and shopping spots make for an ideal place for one to settle. As one of Canada’s economic powerhouses, it offers financial stability and opportunity for its residents.

Canada Medical Careers is proud to represent one of Canada’s finest groups of clinics. We have openings for GP’s across all of the GTA. To apply you must have MRCGP (UK), MICGP, FRACGP, or DABFM. We pay your immigration legal fees for a work permit and eventually Permanent Resident status.

Whether you want to practice in cosmopolitan downtown Toronto or a nice suburban family community we may have an opportunity for you. Please contact [email protected] for details

Labour Day in Canada

By John Livingstone, Senior Physician Recruiter

Labour Day in Canada is a major event for most people. Its roots are like those of other countries – a celebration of workers’ achievement. However, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Like most Canadians I was thrilled that Labour Day this year was on Monday, the 6th of September because it meant the work month would not really start until September 8. When a national holiday is on a Monday it is common for people to also take off the prior Friday, or even the prior Thursday and in my case the prior Wednesday also.

Although the weather was beautiful, there is still a sad feeling that summer is coming to an end and long days filled with sunshine will also be coming to an end soon.

So, we left Victoria and travelled by car for six hours to the beaches of west coast of Vancouver Island. This area is known for its rugged, natural environment. It is common to see bears as you walk along some paths. In any event, it felt good to enjoy some long walks along the coast and get out of my office chair for a few days! I hope one day everyone reading this will enjoy our beautiful coast and local towns.

Rugged west coast of Canada

The rugged coast of Western Canada is great for hiking and fishing for salmon!

Restricted access sign in a Canadian rain forest

“Restricted Access. Wolve, Bears Cougars Only” Even the wildlife have their own paths in Canada!

MCCQE1 Dates for January 2022 Open

The Medical Council of Canada has issued the following bulletin.

Scheduling for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I for the January 26 to February 23, 2022 session is now available through our vendor Prometric.

Please note that the MCCQE Part I will be offered through Prometric at available test centres or via remote proctoring. At exam centres, recommended physical distancing and other personal protective measures are in place, as per the guidelines set by local public health authorities. Please select the modality that is most appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Application to the MCCQE Part I is offered on a continuous basis. If your application was submitted and accepted prior to scheduling being available, you will receive a message through your account that will include instructions on how to schedule your exam appointment with Prometric. If you apply after scheduling opens, scheduling will be available to you as soon as your application is accepted.

Practice Opportunities Across Canada

Ontario is the east-central province of Canada, sharing its borders with the United States. It is home to some of Canada's most popular destinations including the metropolitan city of Toronto, the Niagara Falls, and Canada's capital Ottawa.

There can be a number of reasons for moving to Ontario. You could move for employment opportunities, to pursue education in one of Canada's finest universities, or simply to experience a new way of life.

Ontario is the most populous province in all of Canada. That's because people from all over the world flock to Ontario because of the cultural value of its cities and its thriving economy. The following are the best cities to live in Ontario.

Ottawa: The Capital of Canada, Ottawa has an incredibly low unemployment rate of 4.6% and a strong median income of $91,000. It has also been labeled the best place to live in Canada.

Toronto: Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is one of the world’s most famous metropolitan cities. It is also one of Canada's most multicultural cities, with 49% of the population belonging to visible minorities. Toronto is widely considered to be the cultural center of Canada. In addition, Toronto is such a large city that you should look into the best neighbourhoods before you settle down.

Hamilton: Often referred to as the Waterfall Capital of the World, Hamilton is one of Canada's most visually stunning locations boasting a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of Dundurn Castle and a rich biosphere comprising over 100 waterfalls. It has recently also established itself as a hub for young entrepreneurs because of its relative affordability.

The cost of living in Ontario varies greatly from one location to the next. For example, the average rental rate for a one-bedroom in Hamilton is $907 whereas the average rental rate for a one-bedroom in Toronto is $2,230.

In terms of income taxes, Ontario has a moderate provincial tax rate of 11.5%, in addition to the country-wide federal tax rate of 15%.

MRCGP and Family Practice Exams in Canada

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is the recognized licensing authority for family physicians in Canada. Those physicians coming from the UK, Ireland, Australia, or the USA will usually not have to write the examination required to practice as a General Practitioner in Canada. Verification of your MRCGP, MICGP, FRACGP, FACRRM, or DABFM will be required. For more information on this certification visit and check out the Education and Professional Development section. Members in good standing will use the CCFP certification.

If you are serious about practicing medicine in Canada the first thing you should do is open an account with It is an online portal operated under the auspices of the Medical Council of Canada (similar to the GMC in the UK). Every doctor coming to Canada must have an account. This is where your credentials must be verified. These credentials include your passport, medical degrees and more. Every province and territory of Canada has a regulatory authority to handle physician licensing and these authorities (Colleges) will need to access your account before you can be licensed in Canada.

Don’t wait! Some documents can be verified quickly, and others may take some time, especially if you attended medical school in a country that is slow to respond to inquiries from Canada.

If you are an IMG, licensing in Canada as a physician simply does not happen without a account.

We like questions!

It’s likely that you will have questions along your journey to practicing in Canada. Don’t hesitate to contact John Livingstone at: [email protected]

Or call WhatsApp +1 250-885-8802 (9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time)

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